The best Vape juice wholesale Canada

VapeNorth is the #1 Vape juice wholesale Canada. We offer the greatest e-juices product to our retailers, vaping shops, vaping retailers. We are based in Hamilton, Canada, and our E-Juice distribution is in Canada & USA.

Vape juice wholesale CanadaVapeNorth’s mission is to furnish the best experience for its vaping customers. We have joined forces with an outstanding ejuice labs in Canada and have a solid association with countless retailers that allows to us to provide premium end to end distribution services. We provide strategic professional marketing and deal with only premium quality ejuice products at the best value possible. If you think that our services may fit your needs please complete the form here and we will contact you in a timely manner.

Canadian e Juice Brands

We associate with only top E-Juice Labs, therefore rest assured that you’ll only get the best Canadian e juice brands.

Here are some of our best brands that our retail merchants are having a lot of success with their buyers.

» Vape Evasion ejuices

» Ultimate 100 e-liquids

» Mind Blown Vape Co e-liquids

» Epic 90 e-liquids

» Vape Pink e-liquids

» The Hype e-liquids

» Tank Sauce e-liquids

We offer a huge variety of e-liquid flavors of premium Canadian and American brands.

You can order your e-liquids directly online on our enhanced website dedicated to e-liquid wholesale.


Vape juice wholesale Canada: The benefits

Our Vape Shop retailers can be 100% sure that we will provide them with the e-liquids with the highest level of quality. Our main goal is to make our retailers happy by giving them more discounts and benefits, better deals so they can thrive in their businesses. As one of our e-liquid retailers, you’ll always get the lowest prices, this means more profit for you.

If you are searching for Vape juice wholesale Canada, here are the main benefits that you will get when choosing us as your Canadian e-liquid Distributor:

The Quality of our e-liquid flavors always comes first

We always make sure that our e-fluids surpass industry standards. The majority of our e-liquids are made here in Canada in an ISO 7 cleanroom alongside meeting or exceeding ECTA and ISO 9001 production standards.

We are absolutely transparent to you, we provide our lab test results to demonstrate that our ejuices are nothing less than the very best quality available in the industry.

Here is a link for the laboratory test results: Laboratory test results

We offer a Buyback warranty of E-Liquids

No risk in having ejuices that are not selling well. Keeping them in your store and not being capable to sell them can have a harmful impact on your income. We offer a buyback guarantee that will assure our ejuices will sell well, or we will basically buy them back from you.

There are no MOQ’S for ejuices orders

You absolutely not have to order a large quantity of our ejuices in an individual order. We have no minimum order quantity requirements on any of our products. You can order only the quantity that you need. Combined with our buyback guarantee, your satisfaction will be complete.

Quickest Turn Around Time

Don’t wait forever for you order to be shipped. We are proud to provide you with one of the fastest turn around times in the vaping industry. If you place your order before 2:00pm EST, all the pre-paid orders will be shipped the same day. It helps our retailers to be able to keep lower inventory levels.

We offer Free Same Day Shipping

Better yet, when you order for 1000$ or more, you get Same Day FREE Shipping. And for the orders that are under 1000$, we will ship at a flat rate of only $20 per

We distribute the best and most popular E Juice Brands

We are always aware of the current market trends. It permits us to place emphasis on supplying the very best brands and flavours that your clients will desire and absolutely love. We definitely make sure that our standards are in line with our consumers.

If you own a Vaping shop in Canada or United States and you would like to become a distributor/retailer for VapeNorth, it is pretty simple. All you have to do is to complete the application form available here, and we will get back to you as soon we have evaluated your request.


Best E Juice Flavor Discounts

If you are trying to find Vape juice wholesale Canada and the best E juice flavor discounts, VapeNorth will offer the best value on the Eliquid brands that we distribute to help you to boost your profits.


Wholesale E-flavors & E-flavors for Vape Shops

If you searched for discount ejuice Canada, bulk e juice cheap, bargain e juice Canada, bulk e juice cheap Canada, it means that you want the best price on e-juices for your store. That’s precisely what you’ll get with VapeNorth. A majority of our clients are vape shops all over Canada & the United States and our most important priority is to help them maximize their revenue by providing them with the best prices possible as the top e liquid wholesaler in Canada. You will get significative discounts on our premium e-juices.

Finding the right Vape juice wholesale Canada can be really tough quite often but one thing certainly, VapeNorth will exclusively distribute premium vape juices, we are the best-rated Vaping e liquid distributor for Canada and the US.