Why advocate?

• An estimated 480,000 smoking related deaths per year in the U.S. alone
• An estimated 16 million people in the U.S. currently suffer from smoking related illnesses
• An estimated 1 Billion lives will be lost this century to smoking
• Studies have shown that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking
• Over 40 Million people worldwide have used vaping to quit smoking
• Every 5 seconds a life somewhere in the world is lost to smoking
• Thousands of jobs will be lost
• Doctor prescribed medication used to quit smoking have a long list of health risks and many who use them return to smoking in the long run

Educating Others and Knowing the Facts

There is a great deal of misleading information that cast a negative light on vaping.

Formaldehyde Study

• New England Journal of Medicine performed a study on Formaldehyde in produced by e-cigarettes
• Their results showed that at 3.3V on a standard variable voltage tank system (pen style) found no Formaldehyde.
• The same system at 5.0V found that over 10 times the amount of Formaldehyde than traditional cigarettes.
• PROBLEM WITH STUDY* The conditions used for this study were completely unrealistic.
• Under such conditions a vaper would never be able to use the product because the coils would be fried and would cause a horrible taste.

Diacetyl Study

• In the 1990’s, factory workers in a microwave popcorn plant contracted Bronchiolitis, also known as ‘POPCORN LUNG’.
• It was generally believed that this was caused from inhaling a powdered form of Diacetyl, in very high concentrations.
• Diacetyl in these cases was used in butter flavoring for the popcorn.
• The Nicotine & Tobacco Research Group conducted a study on “SWEET”
E-liquids to evaluate the levels of Diacetyl presence in them.
• Diacetyl was found in 74.2% of the samples.
• The FDA states on their website that there are no health risks to the public from Diacetyl at levels that are currently used.
• Diacetyl has been a common ingredient in Tobacco for over 50 years
• The amounts found were lower than the strict safety limits for Occupational exposure.
• The amounts found were 110 times lower than in analog cigarettes
• There has been NO documented cases of Popcorn-lung being developed from smoking.
• If in fact, Diacetyl was the cause of Popcorn-lung in the factory works, which has not been proven, it would more than likely be because the Diacetyl was in a powder form and at very high concentrations.
• Even though studies like this are very over blown, most manufacturers of Premium E-liquids strive to limit the levels of Diacetyl in their products to very low levels do to the publics perception.

The FDA’s Deeming Regulations
• The FDA now classifies vaping products as “tobacco” products
• In 2016 the FDA created these new regulations to include all tobacco products, including vaping products.
• The FDA calls e-cigarettes “ENDS” (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System”

FDA Deeming Regulations include;
• Check photo ID of everyone under age 27 who attempts to purchase e-cigarettes or other ENDS.
• Only sell e-cigarettes and other ENDS to customers age 18 and older.1
• Do NOT give away free samples of e-cigarettes or other ENDS, including any of their components or parts.
• Do NOT sell e-cigarettes or other ENDS in a vending machine unless in an adult-only facility. 2
• Beginning in 2018, do NOT sell or distribute e-cigarettes or other ENDS without a health warning statement on the package.
• Beginning in 2018, do NOT display advertisements for e-cigarettes or other ENDS without a health warning statement.
• If you operate a vape shop that mixes or prepares liquid nicotine or nicotine-containing e-liquids, or creates or modifies any type of ENDS, you are considered a tobacco product manufacturer and must comply with all of the legal requirements for tobacco product manufacturers.
• *It has become knowledge that manufacturers will need to pay roughly $1,000,000 per product to go through the approval process.
• Each e-liquid flavor is considered a separate product
• The majority of manufactures will not be able to afford these fees, causing them to go out of business.

Big Pharma & Big Tobacco
• Most cigarette manufacturers will be able to afford these fees and those same manufacturers have or are coming out with their own e-cigarettes
• By current estimates, cigarette sales could decrease by nearly 70 percent by 2024, while e-cig sales are expected to reach more than five million
units by that date.
• The United States government as well as States make billions of dollars a year from Tobacco taxes
• It is not only the tobacco manufacturers who are losing lots of money and market share, pharmaceutical companies who make Smoking Cessation drugs are also taking a big hit.
• Investors who have shares in Tobacco and Pharmaceutical companies are losing a lot of money.
• It appears that this is not a case of “if vaping is safe”, rather a case of Money vs. Health
• It is important to advocate because an entire industry is at risk of going extinct
• It is important to advocate because 1 Billion lives are at stake
• Vaping was how I was successful at quitting smoking and it may have helped you quit
• Smoking kills
• Vaping doesn’t
• Advocate in a professional manner
• We owe it to ourselves, our families and millions and millions of others to fight for our right to be able to choose a healthier alternative to smoking


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